A message from Sean:

Hi, and welcome to my site. Whether or not you ended here because you are a fan, a client, a potential client, or just a curious onlooker, I'm glad you found me.

I am probably best-known for being the synthesizer/guitarist/occasional singer in Freezepop, a fun electropop band from Boston that I have been playing with since 1999. We garnered some interest around the time we put some of our songs in games like Guitar Hero, Guitar Hero 2 and Rock Band (and a bunch of other video games). Please check this link to my Freezepop resources for more information about that (including my upcoming "all-time personal favorite Freezepop YouTube links").

In certain very small and exclusive circles I am also known for my contributions to the fantastical world of commercial audio and music production. We shall focus on my commercial work for most of this site. Let us commence:

I own and run a small studio in Boston, MA. I have a lot of terrific world-class gear and can generally get the job done in-house. I have a small team of well-trained independent engineers/production consultants in Boston who sometimes help me out if a project requires it, but they are not called in very frequently.

Some of the strengths of my studio/methodology: Incredibly fast turn-around time, and a demo stage which lets producers really collaborate and be part of the production. I am also nearly unlimited in terms of genres I can accomplish. I want to be proud of the final product, no matter how large or small said project is. I never want to have clients worry about whether music/audio will be the 'weak link' of their project. I want our work to to be a highlight. Really.

Please take a few minutes and listen for yourself. I hope you'll find these works compelling, funny, interesting, and above all, a unique combination of influences and experiences. Thanks...

Sean Drinkwater,
Boston, MA