Sean Drinkwater has been writing and recording multitracked music since September 1986.

He spent 1994-1996 educating himself further in the art of recording at the Northeast College of Communications in Boston (now Art Institute), where he was the Salutatorian of his class.

Sean spent much of the 1990's in the deepest trenches of the Boston music scene, performing and producing for acts such as Don Lennon, Veronica Black Morpheus Nipple, Rockets Burst From The Streetlamps, and Polystar. In 1997, he helped found the Archenemy Record Company, one of the labels where Freezepop resides to this day.

In the late '90's/early '00's, Sean put serious production aside for a time to concentrate on songwriting, performing, and screenwriting. 2004 marked his re-emergence into the world of producing, recording, and mixing music for commercial purposes. Sean worked heavily with interactive agency The Barbarian Group for a number of years, and maintains a close relationship with them.

Sean currently lives in Boston with his wife Jussi (the designer of this lovely site) and canine son Simon. In addition to his continued participation in Freezepop, Sean is the lead vocalist in the band Lifestyle, as well as the producer/vocalist in Karacter.