client: Johnson & Johnson
This was for a small segment of Johnson & Johnson's site, part of a charity campaign. I've included it because it's a good example of an organic piece, whereas I am sometimes known for more electronic production, possibly because of the bands I perform in.


client: Lexus
project: Lexus needed a few loops for a new 'green' Hybrid campaign they were working on last year (The Power of H). The producer wanted a sort of Air meets trip-hop meets Massive Attack. I also supplied them with some intro pieces, but this loop was the focus.


client: Adobe Photoshop Express
One of my most ambitious campaigns, Adobe Photoshop Express wanted to have a lot of music for the launch of their full site (a sort of Flickr meets Photoshop-lite idea) in Spring/Summer '08. My involvement was more or less determined by impossible licensing costs. I ended up delivering them a full album's worth of material, ten full-length songs in completely different genres (to go with the Slideshow potion of the site, and to have at least something that would appeal to an average listener). We tried to keep them light and humorous and short. Mostly succeeded. Was helped out a lot on this project by The Barbarian Group's Creative Director, Douglas McDermott.

1. Politburo NH
Basically a 'tribute' to a band like Interpol, or a band trying to ripoff Interpol. Not actually Interpol though.

2. Doomed Taxi
A song to reminisce about the youthful days when you might listen to a band somewhat along the lines of Death Cab For Cutie.

3. Von Lightning
Bon Jovi meets Def Leppard meets Van Halen? Kind of? Party on...

4. James Brown
The Stepfather of Soul, Sean Drinkwater, makes a sweet, sweet funk-jam about a hat shaped like an alligator.

5. Booty song
'80's booty-ballad/slow-jam, basically. Adobe made me change the words. It was a bit dirtier before, but not too bad....

6. Pop Country
My pop-country balladeer voice is found! I actually wouldn't mind writing some music like this for established pop-country performers. This is probably the least funny of this set of songs. It might even be a bit accidentally sad!

7. David Foster
Imagine a sequel to St Elmo's Fire called St Elmo's Fire Two and they got none of the original actors. Yes.

Vocals by my good friend DJ Nebula (Ryan Harrigan) who flew in from LA to make an appearance. I am no rapper. I admit it. Sometimes a man has to hire out for a few things.

9. Daft Punk
This was done by a French dance-music band in space helmets. No, not that one!

10. Manilow
This was done last minute to replace the synthpop song that I was having no luck with (I know, right?). I decided to just sit down in front of a piano and see what popped out. It has a nice late '60's Bacharach/David feel to it.


client: Axe Bodyspray
project: There were a lot of pieces done for this Noir-style Axe minisite about a series of suspicious murders. I have included three:

1. Fake ELO
The 'Fake ELO Song' didn't make the final campaign. Often I am asked to make replacement music for whatever an editor has been cutting to (in this case ELO's "Living Thing") to save on licensing costs. I love that sort of work as it really familiarizes one with the nuts and bolts of the original recordings. In the end the director decided it was the wrong mood for that piece and it got cut.

2. Hitchcock
This was a nice dissonant string piece that the viewer heard upon entering a creepy 'Hitchcockian' room in the site. My original was a bit fast and in too high a register, but this final piece came out nicely.

3. James Bond
This was a theme for the main detective. James Bond certainly came up in conversation, although I may have pulled it a couple of different ways by adding some dub-style percussion and more synthetic elements.


client: Comcast
project: Comcast were looking for organic loops for their Comcastic site that would build over time, with instruments continuing to 'appear' until the end. Here are some of the fully realized loops.


client: T Mobile Sidekick 3
project: T Mobile's idea for their Sidekick 3 minisite was a 'mashup' of hip hop and Japanese pop music, two genres that don't necessarily scream "combine us," but I liked this, the final loop I delivered. They might have only used the hip hop version, come to think of it. There was also a lot of sound design in this project, including creating 'party' sounds from scratch, which was fun work, collaborating with friends working as voice actors and actresses.


client: Yahoo!
project: Yahoo! Games asked Freezepop/me to get involved with a theme for their weekly videogame segment "Playback." This is that piece.


client: Hyundai
project: We provided sounds for a virtual instrument used for their "DUH" campaign in 2007. On the minisite you could play different songs with the different notes that we recorded. It was a compliment to their broadcast campaign which featured singers performing the word 'DUH' to a few popular songs. DUH, Hyundai is an inexpensive but quality choice of car company (I think that was the idea). I believe they had six or seven notes supplied to them by the original audio company involved in the TV campaign, but wanted to extend the range, so we matched it up by adding more high notes and more low notes. Audio available upon request.


client: Neonpig
project: This was a song done for a web company in Dallas who were billing themselves as Craigslist meets eBay meets Amazon. The producer liked Freezepop and thought it would be neat to license a Freezepop song (and possibly change the lyrics). We said no way, but we made this for them instead. Fun project. Sounding like Freezepop wasn't all that difficult. Vocals by Jussi Gamache as "Liz Enthusiasm."


All compostions/performances/production by Sean Drinkwater unless otherwise noted.