Occasionally I am hired by an agency to help 'mock up' a campaign for a potential client. These pieces may or may not ever see the light of day. I have a few that I have really enjoyed making over the years, so I've decided to include them. One of these pieces simply went 'unused,' (my polite term for 'rejected') but I like it anyhow...

client: A popular natural fruit snack company
project: This was supposed to be a part-fantasy, part-battle theme for the fantasy beings that inhabit the world of this particular fruity snack. Never intended for final use, but it has a nice wacky feel to it.


client: A popular liqueur-based tequila company
project: Mexican flavor.


client: A popular women's lingerie company
project: Two holiday-themed pieces intended to be both elegant and whimsical. Unused but I like them a lot.


client: A popular "lite" beer company
project: These pieces are from a site that never went live. The idea was that you would make your own song by choosing the lines/vocals you thought were funniest, and Flash would organize them and put them to one of four styles (using essentially the same chords and tempos). I can't post the vocals, as I would need release forms from three people I don't know how to currently find (supplied to me by the agency). I thought the concept was cool though, so here are a few snippets of the instrumentals...

1. Reggae

2. Folk

3. Punk

4. Country


All compostions/performances/production by Sean Drinkwater unless otherwise noted.