client: Lego
project: I did a series of music for Lego's Bionicle Brand that was incorporated into a Flash game aimed at 9-12 year old boys (or thereabouts). There was a lot of running through the jungle and fighting alien monsters, in case you are wondering what's happening here...


client: Pepperidge Farms
project: This was a song and a lot of sound effects for a Goldfish crackers site. They were rebranding a bit and assigning different personalities to their animated fish characters. I used a few audio elements from their broadcast campaign (for instance the fellow saying "Goldfish," at their request) and came up with some lovely whimsical stuff for fish made of cheese.


client: Milwaukee's Best
project: Milwaukee's Best had a series of games on their site in 2005 aimed at their basic demographic (21-29 year old males?). I was to create a "boyband" song which the characters from the game were to avoid liking. If their girlfriends caught them tapping their feet or humming they lost the game.


All compostions/performances/production by Sean Drinkwater unless otherwise noted.