My method of working, depending on the project of course, is to try and get a clear idea of what a production team or creative team is looking for, then give them a lot of options in the first few days of working together. I often submit many demos for one short piece, because I will have several ideas and generally want the client to have as much control as possible over choosing which piece is right for them. I will create four or five mock-ups of different songs (time allowing) to see what direction is right, then begin the actual production stage, sometimes salvaging a bit of a demo or mock-up if possible.

Here is a series of mock-ups for a "popular health and beauty care" campaign in 2008. I present them only because I think it is an interesting insight into what kind of work a client can expect from me in the first few days. These pieces were aimed at late-teens/early 20's women, and range from folksy to rocky, which is basically what I was asked to do. Again, these pieces were never intended to be final candidates, they are just to demonstrate some variety and early production quality:

1. Demo 1

2. Demo 2

3. Demo 3

4. Demo 4


All compostions/performances/production by Sean Drinkwater unless otherwise noted.